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Why feed raw pet food

Raw Pet Food Pantry is proud to be part of the raw feeding movement. Passionate about the benefits of a raw food diet for digestion, we provide the very best products available in the market today, and specialise in assisting and guiding our customers as they transform their pet’s diet. Whether you’re a novice or an experienced raw feeder, consider us your one-stop shop for quality food at a fair and honest price.

Achieve a healthy equilibrium with a species-appropriate raw food diet. Learn more here:

Improved pet health

A raw food diet can reduce the risk of health problems and digestive issues

Increased energy levels

More nutrients and enzymes that provide
dogs with more energy.

Better hydration

Raw food contains high moisture content,
which can help keep dogs hydrated.

Improved digestion

Raw food is easier for dogs to digest and can result in fewer, smaller and firmer stools, and less wind, too.

Better nutrition

Raw food diets provide a balanced source of nutrients, replicating the foods they would choose to eat in the wild.

Healthier skin and coat

A shinier, healthier coat and improved skin health.

Why raw?

Feeding a raw food diet is much closer to the diet our pet’s would have enjoyed well before the age of the commercial dog food companies that brought us dry and tinned pet foods.

In nature, animals eat their prey without cooking, adding flavours or even de-boning. The meat, bones and offal of their prey provide all the nutrients they need, which is why a raw, species-appropriate diet will maintain a healthy digestive system, boost their immune system and can negate the need for medical intervention when it comes to worming too.

Ultimately, as pet owners, your aim is for your beloved pets it to enjoy a healthy equilibrium and make few visits to the vet!

Building resistance to disease

See the vet less! Raw fed dogs have improved gut health ensuring an all round healthy equilibrium.

Increased energy and vitality

A balanced diet of the nutrients your pet needs means more energy and more bounce!

Better coat and skin

Improved skin health through a healthy gut means a shiny coat and general wellbeing.

Weaning your pet onto their new raw diet

We appreciate that some may find it daunting to wean their pet onto their new and improved diet, which is why we offer the benefit of our knowledge and experience to help you and your pet. Not only will we support you in designing a suitable feeding plan, but we’ll also include delicious natural treats to aid the changeover to a more quality, natural diet.

Why choose Raw Pet Food Pantry

Why Raw Pet Food Pantry

There are so many suppliers of raw food for pets, here’s why we think you should choose us.

With you every step of the way

Transitioning your pet to a raw diet; troubleshooting when he or she is not eating; perhaps your dog is itching or presenting other issues; all of these can be daunting. At Raw Pet Food Pantry we ensure our Raw Feeding Advisors in every store are well versed in nutrition and can help, guide and advise you at every step of your transition journey, and know how to solve most issues through the gut.

Supporting your pet’s new diet

Not only will we support you in designing a suitable feeding plan by completing a full 'diagnostic test' of your pet before making recommendations on which food to feed your dog or your cat, but we’ll also include delicious natural treats to aid the changeover to a more quality, natural diet.

Periodic reviews

It is important for all pet’s to be monitored when they are transitioning to a raw diet, if they are a pup or a kitten and growing fast, or perhaps they are on a weight-gain or weight loss journey. Aside from monitoring ‘output’ and general wellbeing, we have vet-standard weighing scales in all our stores with weight charts available to keep record, and if you can’t come to store, we will advise at which intervals to weigh your pet and what to look for when you do.

Backed by science

To put it simply, we know what we are talking about! Continuous research, education and qualifications in canine nutrition enables our team to make informed recommendations on how and what to feed your pet to ensure optimum health. From time to time, we refer some of the more complex cases to holistic vets who will also provide advice.

For more information on how we can help you, visit one of our shops, complete our contact form, or call us on 01329 833671.

Such helpful staff.

'Would highly recommend! Such helpful staff and very prompt delivery. Offered advice on the food needed for both my dogs and they are both really enjoying their new grub. 5 STARS!!!'

Sarah Thompson •  Hampshire

Highly recommend!

'We have been using the Raw Pet Food Pantry since the day we got our Rottie and the staff are excellent, extremely helpful, and most importantly, our dog loves the food and has clearly improved after his transition! I would highly recommend using them if you feed your dog raw food.'

Sarah Smith •  Shedfield, Hampshire

Always fantastic service!

'Absolutely fantastic service and very knowledgeable staff. The shop is fantastic with so much choice, the prices are very reasonable, and they offer a delivery service. It is brilliant - 10/10'

Trudy Blake •  Hampshire

They go above & beyond!

'Lovely shop, they go above and beyond for customers and their pets. '

Lucy Kilby •  Botley, Hampshire

Always friendly & helpful

'Always friendly and helpful. So impressed with the staff members knowledge too. Dudley loves going to get his food each weekend! Special shout to Jody.'

Michelle Wickens •  Hampshire

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