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Does your cat hunt, bring you presents, like birds or mice? Her natural instinct is to hunt for food and if living in the wild, she would feed on raw foods in their natural state. Tap into her natural instinct and ensure the best health by feeding a natural, raw diet that works to boost the immune system, improve digestion and ensure vitality.
We will guide and advise you to ensure you feed the best diet to your feline friend.

Raw Feeding for Cats

Raw food helps digestion

Providing your cat with a diet modelled on what they would eat in the wild has significant benefits, not just for your cat, but for you, too!

Cats are obligate carnivores; they must eat meat. A cat’s digestive system is adapted specifically for a meat-based diet. A cat’s digestive tract is short and acidic, processing species-appropriate raw food extremely efficiently meaning there is little time for bacteria to multiply. 

Cats are predators, evolving eating a prey-based diet: raw. They will often eat their catch whole including its bones, which are highly digestible and form a wild cat’s primary source of calcium. It is worth considering, therefore, the nutritional benefits of the majority of highly-processed cat foods available on the shelves today; the nutrients in the meat are degraded through cooking at high temperatures causing a significant loss of vitamins, minerals and amino acids that occur naturally in the meat before cooking. 


Raw food benefits for cats

Benefits of raw food for cats
Improved diet for cats

How much raw food does my cat need?

A cat’s daily raw food portion size should be calculated as a percentage of their body weight. A good rule of thumb is to feed approximately 2% of your cat’s body weight per day and split the portion into two meals. Although this is a good starting point, remember that an adult cat’s calorie requirements can be affected by the following:

  • Activity level: Active cats require more calories to maintain their energy levels compared to sedentary cats. Cats who spend their time playing, hunting, or engaging in other physical activities may need a higher calorie intake. 
  • Health conditions: Certain conditions, such as diabetes or thyroid issues, can affect a cat’s metabolism and caloric needs. Consult with a veterinarian for specific feeding recommendations if your cat has underlying health concerns.
  • Metabolism: Some cats may have a naturally faster or slower metabolism than others, which causes individual variability in calorie burning rates. Metabolic rate can influence the amount of food a cat needs to maintain a healthy weight.

How much raw food does my kitten need?

A popular approach is to free-feed kittens, allowing them to choose how much they want to eat during their rapid growth phases. It is good, however, to know where to start and to have a benchmark. This graph should help you:

Kitten age
Daily portion
2-4 months
4-8 months
8-12 months
Kittens eating raw food from bowl

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