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Aimee and Wayne at Raw Pet Food Pantry

Raw Pet Food Pantry Limited, established in 2018, is a small family-run business owned by Wayne Collins and Aimee Cross. With the sole goal to ensure as many pet owners of dogs and cats as possible had access to excellent quality species-appropriate food, and to provide pet owners with an unequivocal information resource, Raw Pet Food Pantry has thrived to become one of the largest raw pet food retailers in the area. 

Small but perfect beginnings

The shop started in 2016 in small in a retail unit at Wayne’s father’s equestrian centre in Shedfield, Southampton. It soon outgrew the little shop, taking on larger premises within the same location in March 2019 and then larger still two doors down to a 100sqm unit in August 2021. Throughout Covid, the business flourished with the dawn of the puppy boom, more people turning their attention to healthier regimes for their dogs and transitioning to raw, and the shop’s deliveries grew exponentially as customers were unable to collect their pet’s food. 

In March 2022, Raw Pet Food Pantry took residence on Lee on Solent High Street with its second shop, introducing a new venture to the business, a grooming salon. This new shop in a new location was an exciting development for the business and soon became a go to for local residents and further afield. History repeated itself, however, and within 18 months, the shop was on the move, up the high street to a larger shop. Nestled at the back of the shop is Bark ‘n’ Brush, a new grooming salon with three qualified groomers. 

Continued expansion and commitment to quality 

Today, Wayne and Aimee have plans to continue to expand by launching more shops in new locations in Hampshire, and taking over an even larger retail space in Shedfield. At the centre of all plans will remain a commitment to providing quality advice to pet owners and ensuring to provide one of the widest and varied ranges of raw foods, treats and pet accessories on the market. The couple appreciate that it doesn’t suit everyone to shop online and there is still a market of customers who enjoy the experience of coming to their local store, with their dog, to shop for food, treats and accessories together, and to gain the advice and assurity from knowledgeable staff who can advise and assist with every aspect of their dog’s health and wellbeing. 


I was brought up with dogs. We always had a dog in the family, and they were always fed dry food mixed with something from a tin to ‘make it more interesting’, as my mother would say. That is how I thought best to feed a dog so when I got dogs of my own, I followed suit. 

Buddy, the staffordshire bull terrier

Buddy, the staffordshire bull terrier

When my Staffordshire bull terrier, Buddy, kept turning his nose up at the dry food despite trying umpteen different brands and flavours, and despite trying tinned food, gravy, sardines, ANYTHING mixed in to tempt him to eat it, I was failing. His skin was dry, he had itchy patches on his chest, his poos were horrific and boy, did they pong! And there were a lot of them, too! I used a dog walker at the time, Lesley, who was a raw feeder; it was Lesley who suggested that not only was Buddy an prime candidate for raw food given his breed, and the sheer fact that he was a dog(!), but she almost begged me to try it because his wind was so fierce that she was struggling to take him in the van for walks for fear of being gassed out! 

Dispelling the raw fad myths

I genuinely believed that feeding raw would cost the earth and I knew so little about it that the prospect of feeding raw meat scared me. I just didn’t know anything about this ‘fad new diet’ Lesley was suggesting but agreed to give it a try. 

I went to my local farm shop that I knew sold a food called Durham and bought a box. I asked in store for guidance and help, they knew nothing about it and could not advise. So, I took it home, defrosted a pack and couldn’t believe my eyes as I watched Buddy devour his first raw meal with gusto! I was converted already. 

So, for us, there was no gentle, gradual transition. I didn’t weigh Buddy neither did I work out the exact amount to feed him, but we muddled through with some googling and the result was a much happier, healthier dog; no longer did he have dry skin, the itchy patches cleared up, the ‘output’ became less and much more pleasant to pick up, and he loved his food! Hallelujah.

Dispelling the raw fad myths

New beginnings

My experience then drove me to ensure that our shop did all the things my previous supplier didn’t. Offer assurance and advice to those new to raw feeding like I was, ensure knowledgeable staff were on hand always to guide and advise, to troubleshoot with customers when ailments or issues presented, supply complementary products to help promote optimum health and wellbeing in terms of supplements and natural additives to the food, and to provide a wide range of raw food options to suit every dog and every budget.  And lastly, Wayne and I wanted to have the best natural treats selection available, a Woolworths-type pick ‘n’ mix selection of every weird and wonderful natural treat available in the market that customers and dogs could chose from, and to this day this is one of our biggest assets in our stores.

Raw pet food delivered to your door

Always fantastic service!

'Absolutely fantastic service and very knowledgeable staff. The shop is fantastic with so much choice, the prices are very reasonable, and they offer a delivery service. It is brilliant - 10/10'

Trudy Blake •  Hampshire

Such helpful staff.

'Would highly recommend! Such helpful staff and very prompt delivery. Offered advice on the food needed for both my dogs and they are both really enjoying their new grub. 5 STARS!!!'

Sarah Thompson •  Hampshire

Always friendly & helpful

'Always friendly and helpful. So impressed with the staff members knowledge too. Dudley loves going to get his food each weekend! Special shout to Jody.'

Michelle Wickens •  Hampshire

They go above & beyond!

'Lovely shop, they go above and beyond for customers and their pets. '

Lucy Kilby •  Botley, Hampshire

Highly recommend!

'We have been using the Raw Pet Food Pantry since the day we got our Rottie and the staff are excellent, extremely helpful, and most importantly, our dog loves the food and has clearly improved after his transition! I would highly recommend using them if you feed your dog raw food.'

Sarah Smith •  Shedfield, Hampshire

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